Isn’t This What Honesty Exposes Us To?

Thank you so very much for your commentary on quite issue of credibility with others and with ourselves. It really is so often the fact that fear of rejection and the natural wish to comply with the targets of others causes most of us to repress our femininity to the idea of even refusing to identify our feminine thoughts. I am certain that I have had to cope with lots of the same doubts and issues that you have struggled with.

You are blessed to acquire found Genderevolve. It’ll be a wonderful source of writing and support for you as you keep up to explore and deepen your commitment to the marvelous rewards of femininity. As men aspiring to cultivating and deepening our very own femininity, we must quit the illusory power that we so often cling to. And, although masculine authority has proven to be unlike our natures consistently, this can be hard to do. Isn’t this what credibility exposes us to?

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