It is argued that a full reduction offset corporate tax with interest deductibility may reduce risk consuming that entrepreneurs might reduce the amount of investment made in risky projects with higher corporate and business tax rates. Unlike previous results in the literature, production functions with decreasing profits to size and the probability of equity financing of capital investment are allowed. A corporate and business tax that falls partly on the returns of collateral business owners or owners can, under certain conditions, reduce risk taking. If the Federal government fees only risk, then a corporate tax with a complete reduction offset can encourage investment in dangerous projects.

An important part of your annual review ought to be to take stock of your pension plan from the viewpoint of both lifestyle and financial needs. Has your retirement date changed? Are your savings on track to meet your pension income goals? Or will you need to work than originally planned longer? It is also smart to review what your anticipated retirement expenses will be.

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Many factors could change the trouble part of the formula, ranging from health insurance and marital position to your evolving preferences and interests. In the income side, use your annual review to check on your progress toward establishing your retirement income plan. If you’re nearing pension, an advisor can help you determine how … Read more

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Sen. Elizabeth Warren Seeks TO REGENERATE Glass-Steagall Bank Or Investment Company Limits

WASHINGTON – Sen. Elizabeth Warren has launched an advertising campaign to make banks boring again as she pushes legislation to enact stricter regulations forcing deposit-taking financial institutions out of the investment business. The Massachusetts Democrat desires to reinstate the Depression-era Glass-Steagall law, which separated what she called uninteresting cost savings and examining accounts that are backed by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.

And after becoming a member of three other senators Thursday in presenting a bipartisan expenses to achieve that, Warren went to Twitter to rally support. She urged her Twitter followers retweet the message, “Banks should be boring.” She emailed her political backers, asking them to aid her 21st hundred years Glass-Steagall Act, which she released along with Sens.

John McCain (R-Ariz.), Maria Cantwell (D-Wash.) and Angus King (I-Maine). On Friday morning hours she made an appearance on CNBC-TV and Bloomberg TV to make her case And. The day “At the end of, there is no single magic bullet to avoid big to fail ‘too,’ ” Warren said. “However the central premise behind a 21st century Glass-Steagall is to say, ‘If you want to get out and take risks there, go and take action,’ ” she said. Liberal groupings cheered the suggested legislation. Warren and other supporters of reinstating the Glass-Steagall prohibitions, which were repealed in 1999, face a difficult fight in Congress because the largest banks have pushed back strongly against efforts to force these to downsize.

Industry officials and their supporters have said Glass-Steagall would not have … Read more

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