It Is An Age Thing Maybe?

My girl and I were talking about life and beliefs today in the car. I informed her, which I sensed like it had taken not a Ph.D. I had a need to learn. We agreed that people learned a similar thing both in our different pathways fundamentally. I’ve learned you need to do both-make long-range plans and then connect those plans to a series of short-range actions to be able to reach your goals.

Now one would think there were a lot of situations in my own life that I was successful at that required knowing and applying this idea. Sure I ‘do’ college. They weren’t really long range or prepared very well. Until this past year, I just about bumped along trying long-range programs but never making the bond that what I did today impacted not merely now but my pathway to another as well.

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School-I did it in a nutshell steps. I did not necessarily plan a pathway but did whatever needed doing next and even that was often done at the last second. In either case it did not take long range anything quite the opposite in reality. From day to day-getting from one joyful moment to one problem after another Bringing up children can be carried out.

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