Do They Slow Your Metabolism Down?

The headlines of the weight loss and nutrition periodicals in the checkout collection at groceries stores would be so funny, if they weren’t so unhappy. I spent one summer time employed in the processing division of a bank. And every week I’d heard the women there discussing the latest fat-reducing tip, like this classic, “Squeeze lemon juice in your drinking water – it uses up fat”. But you know how this whole story ends.

No one lost a pound the entire 12 weeks I used to be there. And it certainly makes me sad that this info is out there giving fake desire to people. Because between your excitement of every new “miracle cure”, you could start to see the look of despair in their eyes every week that their weight didn’t change. Then Friday would come and someone would generate donuts. Myth 1: Drinking ice cool water can help you lose weight.

You’ll also find that one on multiple web sites. This myth often comes along with some calculations showing that by consuming 8 glasses of ice-cold drinking water you can burn 70 calories per day. I don’t think that actually is true in real life. Regardless, drinking cool water won’t burn any longer fat off your body than taking in room temperature drinking water.

Don’t get me wrong, Per days I strongly believe you ought to drink at least 12 glasses of water, but the heat of your water won’t have any influence on your overall weight loss success. Of all First, you’re not drinking ice-cool water. If it were ice cold, it might be nice.

So you can knock off a few calories from fat from the estimation there. Second, what about warm beverages? Do they slow your metabolism down? Seriously, anyone that is counting on ice-cold water to get rid of fat is not going to get any results out of this “no effort” weight-loss method. Sorry. Not heading to work.

According to the “experts”, a poor calorie food requires more energy to process than it provides you when you do eat it. And included in the negative calorie food list are bananas and apples. So by this logic, I would actually starve to death if I had nothing to consume but apples (because I would have a net energy loss from eating a so-called “negative calorie” food). Hopefully that lets you know all you have to to know about the prospect of any food to be always a “negative calorie food”. It’s a pity that people are out there promoting this stuff, and it’s even worse that more and more people fall for it.

Instead, let the common sense weight loss principles apply. It’s going to take consistent effort, spending so much time at your exercises and with your nutrition to get the results you want. P.S. Who else wants REAL weight loss nutrition advice from one of America’s leading nutrition experts? The Turbulence Training Nutrition Guide for Men & Women – written by Dr. Chris Mohr, Ph.D., is ready for you. How exactly to estimate your calorie needs (p. Over 60 vegetables & fruits that needs to be added to your diet (p. The 16-protein resources you should select most often (p. Shocking trans-fat content of 18 common foods – find out which food is the deadliest in conditions of extra fat contents (p. The 9-Fat Sources you should choose frequently (p. Dr. Mohr’s 12 Rules for WEIGHT LOSS (p.

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