How Can A MAN Get Lucky Often?

How often can a man get lucky? I seriously thought my first and only time to get on the fabled Boeing 747-400 was last September with Delta. I was fortunate enough to snag the last seat on the final domestic 747 trip, thinking I had developed flown on my only air travel on the Queen.

Originally, this visit to Greece didn’t even have me on the 747. Whatsoever. Therefore the time for my trip emerged. Off I continued an overcast morning from Salt Lake City to LA on the hot rod Canadair Regional Jet 700 (or CR7 to us geeks). As I used to be on American Eagle (American Airlines’ local operation), we attained the double wide trailer sized commuter terminal smack in the middle of the sprawling complicated LAX is.

Fast forward a day. I told him I wouldn’t drain the Upper Deck whatsoever. Bonus. Now I don’t have to pay the extra baggage charge for my 3rd suitcase, nor do the pay is experienced by me the surplus weight charges, either. This trip was starting off just right. Why would KLM have use of the OneWorld Lounge when they may be a full-fledged member of SkyTeam you ask? Well, it’s simple. The TBIT only has a few lounges, and Korean Air has one, but it’s small, loud, and most of the right time cramped.

After a great breakfast and preflight mimosa in the club, I headed right down to the gate, insomuch as for me to get my internal avgeek satisfied by watching planes until boarding. I got a few good photos with my telephone, and before it was known by me, it was time to board.

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The gate personnel had us fall into line behind several boarding group signs, and Lord have mercy on your spirit if you tried to board before your group, as I noticed while waiting around behind the Group 1 sign. My ride for your day was KLM’s Boeing 747-400 PH-BFL, named the “City of Lima”. Sent to KLM from Boeing on May 12, 1991, this Queen is the 888th 747 from the series. Stepping inside, you really can’t tell, though. KLM, as European as it is, maintains their fleet up to snuff.

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