The Stock Market Blog: February 2019

Red flags and green flags make reference to the wakeup calls an investor gets based on the negative or positive experience that is encountered when working with a publicly traded company as a customer. When you get three of these flags in a row, it can be a sign to buy or sell the company’s stock.

Here are some real-life good examples where these flags were elevated. A few months ago, Jim Cramer made a recommendation on his show regarding Coldwater Creek (CWTR). THEREFORE I kept flipping through the catalog and thought to my partner “Well maybe I can find a present for you in here,” and she replied for your mother “Maybe.” Uh oh.

So I said “So what’s wrong with the clothes?” and she said “Just look at them. There’s no style to them. Day The next, on November 30, I sold-out my position at 24.87, and the stock downward kept slipping. 20 per share on January 23, and has stayed below 20 ever since. These three warning flags saved me from losing another 22% with this stock. By the way, I didn’t write this about Coldwater to slam Cramer.

As a matter of fact, the majority of Cramer’s suggestions that I’ve applied have proved well. Now let’s reach some positive flags. A long time ago, while I worked as a stockbroker/financial planner, I put a lot of my clients’ money into the Franklin Government Securities Fund and the Franklin California Tax Free Fund. The firm I was doing work for also put a huge amount of their clients’ money into Franklin funds.

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I made a decision to make a homework trip to Franklin Resources (BEN) in San Mateo to check out this investment management company. I attained the old building, the company was still working out of and met the woman who was simply the broker liaison. She wanted to give me a tour of the place and told me to excuse all the sound and clutter of the building taking place because these were expanding a lot. So we began on the tour, I noticed a great deal of employee crammed in every their limited work place jointly, but the most interesting thing I saw that the final end of the tour was the mail room.

I will never your investment rows and rows of card tables, and dozens of workers, temp employees I was informed, opening envelopes of incoming orders. What was most amazing wasn’t the six inches high stacks and stacks of checks, however the stacks and stacks of cash! It appeared as if a drug dealer’s money counting den. I said to the broker liaison, “Cash?