Had A Web Site With Small Growth For Two Years

I’ve worked on it on and off the whole time, and had lots of drama occur alongside the way in which. I began off with a 50/50 companion, that then turned a 15% companion, till two days in the past when he principally backed out of the project for personal causes. Results have been pretty small. We get possibly 200 distinctive viewers a month organically.

Our preliminary plan was to build the organic visitors and then market some courses on cryptocurrency trading, however clearly that’s not understanding. So then I had the idea of switching methods and using paid traffic for the courses. 2-3,000 to do the paid traffic route. 10,000 to do the paid visitor’s route. At this point I’m questioning what my partner said/advised as he contradicted himself.

Which determines is correct? How a lot does it value to correctly do Google Ads or Facebook advertising? I’ll must outsource somebody to design and create the Facebook advert if I go that route, apparently – my partner mentioned it’s tremendous mega-sophisticated and I couldn’t create the advert myself. He additionally stated I’d have to have a really good design for the squeeze page or lead magnet. I agree with that.

My accomplice also said I don’t have the data or experience within the advert area, so therefore I am unable to rent somebody in that field as a result of I would not know in the event that they did a bad job or not. That did not make total sense to me both. Isn’t the point of hiring somebody typically to have them do something not in your space of experience?

Overall my accomplice made all this seems very discouraging. Which is a shame, I really feel the site itself has a great design and nice content material. I put tons of work into it to make it very top quality. Some of my information pages rank on the first web page of Google for certain keywords in spite of having 0 links to them.

  1. How long are guests staying on the web site
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  4. 2-When fake account is created now add profile picture to your faux account
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I have a passion for cryptocurrency trading and instructing others my strategies. I additionally prefer suppose I’m a reasonably good content material author. At the identical time I’m not like a pro YouTuber or for course maker, this would be the primary course I ever made. So, if I pursue this I may need someone else to make the video course using a script I give them.

I tried recording on YouTube for the first time three weeks in the past, I didn’t assume I used to be tremendous watchable/charismatic frankly. Nor did my partner. 200 or so courses. Basically, my TL: DR question is should I continue to attempt to pursue this site and building it out? How a lot will it really value to do Facebook or Google advertisements correctly? What would you do with this site in the event you were me?