2. HOW EXACTLY TO Balance/Control Power Imbalances Within A Consortium?

PAEPARD Agricultural Innovation Facilitators’ Workshop. The Platform for African-European collaboration for Agricultural Research for Development (PAEPARD) in cooperation with all the Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM) has organized a five-day facilitators’ Inception Workshop of the PAEPARD Project. The main goal of this workshop is to familiarize participants using their potential role as facilitators of “agricultural technology partnerships” founded with the support of the PAEPARD task.

Day 1 – Monday 28th November 2011: Introduction to PAEPARDThe theme for the first day of the workshop was “Introduction to PAEPARD”. 1. How exactly to identify relevant companions within a multi-stakeholder partnership? 2. How to balance/deal with power imbalances within a consortium? 3. How can we reinforce capacities to work in partnership?

4. How do we deal with stakeholders in a team? 5. How do we keep ourselves relevant and in demand by the partnership? 6. How do we harmonize our work methods whenever we are driven by different ideologies? 7. How do we maintain neutrality inside our facilitation? 8. How can we talk about financial and information resources in a lasting partnership?

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The theme for Day 2 was “Facilitation of ARD Partnerships” and the aim was that all participants know about the role of the facilitator in a multi-stakeholder partnership. The first session of Day 3 was a role-play by Janet Achora and Monica Kapiriri Namumbya (both from Uganda), whereby Monica had to approach Janet (consortium) as the Agricultural Innovation Facilitator by PAEPARD. For your day was about Research Questions The final exercise.

The objective was for individuals to have an idea about how exactly an inception workshop was organized by PAEPARD in the past and the points to keep in mind while planning and applying the workshop. Each country pair was asked to create a timeline of a few months on the type of activities they’ll organize regarding their particular consortium as well as the specific output/milestone achieved for every proposed activity.

Mrs. Habiba Hassan Wassef of Egypt, discussions about how Africans should become aware of their Intellectual Property Rights before writing their views with Europeans. To comprehend about how exactly ARD can be financed, a document from ICRA, which contained key concepts about how to financing ARD were given to the individuals, who had been asked to read the record. Then there is a brainstorming program to find the possible finance resources at National Level, Sub-Regional Level (Africa), and International Level.

To get a much better notion of how ARD is financed in Africa, there was a presentation by Mr. Joseph Methu from ASARECA. He described about how exactly ASARECA does the coordination work regarding funding of ARD in the East Africa Region. This program was a presentation on a report from the World Bank or investment company: IMPLEMENTING AGRICULTURAL INNOVATION FUNDS: Lessons from Competitive Research and Matching Grant Projects.From that Report, different claims were used and shown to the individuals. 1. Statement 1: The more a call is competitive – and selective, the less facilitators will be asked to play an intermediation role, as the investment will have less chances to lead to a comeback. 2. Statement 2: Competitive grants strengthen the strongest actors nor decrease the disparities between your strong and the vulnerable. For Day 4 was about the proposal formulation The final session. Participants received a document on points to be taken into consideration while performing a proposal formulation.