University Offers Free Course ON HOW BEST TO Dress SUCH AS A Royal

Us Brits have always been fascinated with the wardrobes of the Royal Family, and today die-hard followers can understand how to dress such as a princess or queen thanks to a fresh university course. The University of Glasgow is rolling out a five-week online program together with Historic Royal Palaces – and the best thing is, it’s free to enroll. The course, entitled A BRIEF HISTORY of Royal Fashion, every week is on the website FutureLearn and provides four hours of content. It guides students through the fashion of the ages, from the Tudors and the Stuarts up to the Victorian and Windsor eras.

According to dress and textile histories lecturer Sally Tuckett, you’ll learn all about the extravagant outfits and signature dresses worn by famous brands Queen Victoria, Princess Queen, and Diana Elizabeth II. Historic royal fashion could fit the bill and functional,’ Sally explains. Clothes my boyfriend hates! Share ‘It can be decorative and frivolous, and anything in between. And by studying their clothes, we can learn a great deal about the monarchs of days gone by and about their subjects. Week of the course focuses on a particular royal dynasty Each, observing the style successes, failures, and eccentricities and exploring how royals use fashion and clothing to control, entertain, and impress.

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There’s a lot more to fashion than clothing,’ Sally informed Insider. For instance, Henry VIIII’s wife, Catherine of Aragon, made his tee shirts when Anne Boleyn was on the picture even. The lecturers on the course teach utilizing a variety of mediums, including video, articles, and images from royal engagements and state visits, handpicked from the Historic Royal Palaces archive. During Queen Victoria’s reign, she was big on British products to show her support got British manufacturers,’ she said. Yesterday it was revealed the Duchess of Sussex is to bring out a women’s clothing line in aid of the Smart Works charity, one of her first patronages. In the September problem of Uk Vogue Meghan made the announcement, which she has guest-edited.

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