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The following is an excerpt from the new publication from BiggerPockets, The written publication on Local rental Property Investing. This year If you’re looking to buy more rental properties, pick up a copy today! As you start investing in real estate, you’ll likely hear people talk about a property being within an A, B, C, or D location.

Just like your high school class grades, a community can receive a quality, though the classification is a little more subjective when compared to a simple high school test. There is absolutely no nationwide Federal government corporation, board, or company that classifies locations. It’s more of an unwritten guideline accepted by most investors truthfully, and the lines aren’t clear incredibly.

You might think a spot is an A location (the best), while I would think it’s a B location (second best), but for the most part, traders shall agree on the course distinctions. Some investors grade locations with an A through C scale, whereas others grade on the through F scale. As well as the location getting a grade, the property itself can be categorized as an A, B, C, or D property.

Let’s have a minute and talk about the various classes of locations and property types. A Class A location is an area that has the newest buildings, most popular restaurants, best colleges, wealthiest people, and highest-cost real estate. That is truly the best location you can find, and the highest-quality tenants here are looking to rent.

A Class A building comes after the same idea. It is generally newer, less than a decade old probably, and has fewer maintenance issues therefore. The building has modern amenities, such as granite countertops, hardwood floors, and other in-demand features. A Class B location might be somewhat over the age of Class A one but perhaps still has decent restaurants, schools, and people. This might be your “middle class” areas, but these will attract more sell my house fast in Nashville tn investors blue-collar employees who live salary to paycheck.

A Class B building comes after the same idea. It really is 15-30 years old probably, mainly upgraded but perhaps lacking the stand out of the Class A property. Rental income is most likely lower than what you may find with a Class A property, and the maintenance costs are going to be higher because of the age of the home.

A Class C location is likely a lower-income area with homes that are old-30 years or even more. This area tends to appeal to the buy homes Nashville tn individuals who are either on Federal government subsidies or working low-wage jobs. You’ll likely find a lot of check-cashing businesses, pawn shops, and other such businesses in this certain area. A Class C building follows the same concept. The house is older than 30 years and looks the part likely.

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Numerous repairs are likely needed, and ongoing maintenance should be expected. Systems in the house, such as plumbing and electrical, may be outdated and require ongoing attention. A Course D location is a battle area where you would not want to visit alone likely. Don’t assume all populous city has a Class D area, but you’ll recognize one when you see one likely. Often, even cops are nervous about entering these areas, and medication and crime use/sales run rampant. There are most likely numerous buildings with boarded-up windows and other indications of being vacant. A Class D building is probable old, much like a Class C one, but with a lot more disregard.

Chances are, the property is uninhabitable presently, needing significant repairs before it could be lived in. Class A properties are generally remarkably cheap but getting good tenants can be dangerous and difficult. If you don’t really know very well what you are doing, I don’t recommend getting associated with a Class A building or location.