Talent, Leadership And Business: September 2019

That is not true. Our relevance originates from true, measurable impact in our organizations. What is it we actually offer and accomplish? What is the business important thing that we’re impacting? What’s been our influence on process, sales or service? Even though the latest and greatest might not be the path to go, how do you know?

Study the developments. Understand fit. Consider beliefs. Take action. The task of knowing our people well – skills, aptitudes – is a vital offering that people can bring. Proactively look for ways to make that priority happen. From there, you can guide those total results against the performance outcomes. Measuring results and process are a general language that require no posturing.

Shake off the demons of feigned relevance. They don’t really define success, nor do they determine you. Start attacking the work in front of you with interest and use the abilities which have been dormant for a little. Assess what’s working, what’s not, create a plan, gather resources and work out of greatness.

It’s the closest she will come to admitting error. Yet it isn’t clear if she has grasped quite how much damage it inflicted. Inside Labor there are mounting concerns about her proper judgment and obvious insufficient deep political instincts. Keneally was chosen for the Premiership because she can transmit ideas specifically. She was never likely to have political nous, deep roots locally within this state anywhere. Political nous involves the interplay between the opinions of the community and the extent to that they can be changed.

Democratic policy-making is a two-way process; an increasingly educated populace equipped with technology should become more of the two-way affair, however, not in a day and time where communication styles government authorities and plan regard themselves as transmit-only mechanisms. Contemporary politics, with its concentrate on “selling the message” and repetition of “talking points”, is a one-way process. For journalists, where there is two-way democratic interplay you can report on surface-level goings-on, because the controversy is out on view.

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You needn’t get into dull backroom operations, because that’s not where the action is anyway. Where politics is one-way transmissions, the backroom processes that basically make decisions become all-important and the journalist must not be fobbed off by spin or inappropriately old-fashioned journosphere notions that it’s all too boring. One would expect a senior politician to have political nous. Keneally wasn’t employed for her nous, she outsourced it to the people who overestimated the extent to that they got it: Roozendaal, Tripodi, or the various State Directors of the NSW ALP. She outsourced it to the individuals who put her where she actually is, because what further validation of their political judgment could she want?

When she talks about talking to “a wider group”, she doesn’t suggest an especially wide group – definitely not so wide therefore representative as, say, the constant state Parliamentary ALP Caucus. The factional system within political parties can work to manage disputes within that organisation, to distribute rewards and punishments in a manner that is orderly and sustainable for the party.

Factions aren’t attentive to community needs, notions of efficiency, or policy issues. What has happened to NSW Labor over the past 16 years is they have believed that to control the party is to control the state. Instead of flog the deceased equine of NSW Labor again, let’s turn to Japan. Anna Bligh is the merchandise of the Queensland ALP machine, but she also acquired the ability to cut through and get information from her bureaucracy for the reason that State’s recent travails, and communicate them to the general public.