Sample Business ANTICIPATE Set Up Of A Petrol Station In Nigeria

Petrol Stations in Nigeria is very critical to the nationwide economy. They may be the primary energy sources for powering cars, producing models and other locomotive motors in the national country. Because of their strategic role in making certain transportation services run smoothly, they help business and facilitate communication services also. Without them, the Nigerian economy would collapse. Think back again to the gasoline scarcity period when economic activities are instantly grounded because of long queues of vehicles around fueling channels just about everywhere. The petrol train station business is relatively steady and sustainable long-term business when situated in the right place where adequate sales can be assured.

It is not appropriate for people looking for quick earnings on their assets within 5 years but for people taking a look at 10 or more years. Petrol/Filling stations (or fueling channels) are part of the downstream sub sector of the Nigerian Petroleum Industry providing; petrol, diesel, kerosene, engine essential oil, lubricants to mention a few. But the main product sold is petrol that local daily demand has ended 40 million liters.

Diesel is also sold but mainly in wholesale to distributors provide homes, factories, churches, other private corporate and business establishments, shopping malls, schools, Federal government offices, and large transporters. Furthermore, many petrol channels also retail cooking food gas, household consumables, and groceries. They are sited along busy roads usually, busy streets, close to extremely popular landmarks and in commercial settlements with high vehicular traffic. The Nigerian petroleum downstream sector grew by 10.8% in 2016 despite the challenges on the market among that are unstable products supply, doubt over price due removal of subsidy on nearly 90% average of imported products consumed locally. Many of these challenges have a negative impact on sales, revenue, and growth opportunities for providers. There is also shale oil which includes been touted as it can be a replacement for crude oil and it is in even more abundant supply, but the problem is the technology for exploiting now it is too much for. What exactly is the Startup Requirements for a Standard Petrol Station in Nigeria?

  • 1 OSE per permit
  • On the Welcome display, select Next
  • Round 3: R4 000

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