A WORK FROM HOME BUSINESS Hurricanes Cannot Destroy Even

When Hurricane Katrina and Wilma struck the U.S., lives were lost, businesses and property destroyed, resulting in billions of dollars in deficits. Among the many people affected was home-based business owners who saw their life’s work washed away in the torrent. However, there was one home-based business that the hurricanes cannot destroy. While Katrina and Wilma raged on, INTERNET SITES was working and earning money still!

Online business owners did lose their equipment and stuff in the hurricanes, however they DIDN’T lose their source of income, unlike so a great many other home business owners. Since their businesses were working in cyberspace, these were safe from the ravaging hurricanes. Within a worst-case scenario, even if the dog owner did perish in the hurricane, their online businesses could keep on still, attracting passive and residual income with their family.

When I began my websites a few years back, I didn’t really think about this aspect (since there are no hurricanes where I live). I basically wanted a business that would make money while I was sleeping even, however when Katrina and Wilma raced across Louisiana and Florida, I all of a sudden realized my websites were Hurricane-proof Money Making Machines! Now that’s what I call FANTASTIC!

It got some effort in the first stages, and money was nowhere to be found at first, but as I continued to connect on, I started to see results and I really believe, so can you! So if you would like a true home business that will keep on making money despite human and natural disasters, consider starting an internet business. Here’s a short list of the types of online businesses, you could set up: Sell your own physical product. This is probably the most difficult to get off the ground. Sell an internet service. People will pay a subscription charge to be allowed in to the subscribers portion of your website to use these services.

The types of services you can offer are limited only by your imagination and specialized know-how. Sell other people’s products. This is called affiliate marketing. It’s the most popular because you don’t incur development costs. You will find literally an incredible number of products to choose from, and the wonder of this web business is that you can sell to anyone, all over the world – there are NO edges! This has been a good money maker.

One of easy and simple ways to make money this way is the Google Adsense program. You need to paste a little snippet of code in your web pages which will then display advertisements predicated on your content. Every right time a visitor clicks on one of these advertisements, you earn from a few cents to a few dollars (depending on how competitive the advertisements are).

The list above doesn’t even start to scratch the surface of a large number of ways to generate income online. How you make your money is up to you really. I really like having an online business! I need not worry about guests not arriving to my store because of inclement weather or because their car broke down or any other physical reason.

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I’m with my customers as soon as they click their mouse! Sure, there are millions of websites raking in the big bucks and my sites could be looked at small fry, however the online business pie is BIG and it’s really growing everyday. There’s lots of room for everyone to earn money! Depending on your geographical area, just a small slice of the pie (or even a few crumbs) could enable you to live comfortably! A good example would be if you were an online business owner living in Malaysia (where I am) where every 1000 US dollars equals 4000 Malaysian Ringgit, and that’s a great deal!

Put any address you think relevant in your Cc: field, but do not hold out any high expectations off useful response from law enforcement. Only straight-affected celebrations will screen any interest whatsoever. Fill in any blanks or template fields with the output from your monitoring tools. But remember, your main assets at this point are your people skills. If the volume is high or you find the people part difficult too, now is the time to enlist somebody to handle communications while you deal with the technical and analysis parts. I’ve mentioned previously, monitoring tools, for collecting and analyzing your traffic.