Create An Elevator Pitch WHICH HAS Pizazz

How many networking occasions have you attended where you’ve needed to withstand elevator pitch after elevator pitch? Did you keep in mind any of them by the end of the night? Did you cringe when it was your turn to speak because you knew your pitch was just as boring? I’m interested in who came up with the elevator pitch and could it be still relevant today.

My understanding is that the roots of the elevator pitch stems back to the 1950’s when script writers in Hollywood needed to catch the attention of unsuspecting producers. I’m sure given the major improvements in just about everything these days we can be more creative and re-vamp how we get to know one another at networking events.

Let’s take that boring, everybody else is spouting the same pitch and then add pizzazz. What must you lose to actually getting observe and isn’t that the idea? Next time you find yourself at a networking event what your location is being asked to bring in yourself try incorporating some of these tips.

Create an inspiring opening that grabs peoples’ attention. Get people moving while you discuss your business. Bring a prop that shows your business. Leave them with a thought provoking shutting. Here’s a good example of one of my speeches that I gave at an area Chamber of Commerce event. Since I am an individual trainer and fitness business trainer I thought we would integrate both aspects into my talk. First, I instructed the audience to stand-up and do squats as I said the following.

The room was filled with energy while I was delivering this speech. People where laughing and having fun. The best part is all the business enterprise I got from just that one meeting because I dared to break tradition, be different and incorporate some thought into my pitch. I’m sure you’ll agree that few people force themselves to stand-out at these types of events. That’s my challenge to you. Take time to sit down and build your intro down. Better yet, build a few different ones and dare to vary. I’m sure people will take notice.

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