“I Didn’t Make It All JUST HOW Through Third Grade For Nothing”

For me, Rescuers Down Under is the most underrated film in the Disney canon. It’s legal that in people’s minds it skips from Mermaid to Beast. Without a complete lot of what originated from this film, Beast would not have been nearly as good. Why didn’t it sell? Could be poor marketing. May be the inclusion of the Prince and the Pauper short, padding out the run time. Could possibly be that when it’s starting week wasn’t remarkable, Katzenberg announced it pulled and dead all advertising. Marahute is amazing. I like Cody a lot too.

As to his highlight, is it possible he was created an American and shifted to Australia? I like that the issues of mice and their interactions in the world, especially internationally, are dealt with more in this film. That starting message relay is fantastic. Also, for a business like the Rescue Aid Society, it was good viewing them send help to other countries.

Bernard and Bianca have great chemistry in this film. Jake adds a complete lot of personality as well. In the first film, Bernard was just learning to believe in himself. In this one, he’s having to justify himself and his love for Bianca. I do kind of miss his superstition (though I think there was a little where he jumped a stair).

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John Candy is a lot of fun. My one problem as a kid was that the mice seem to leave him there and that’s it. Will he go back home ever? I guess sooner or later he would have to, but it seemed an odd end. A funny end, but odd. Yes, there are a few whole tale issues. I can’t talk with having less real Australians. That’s like having less any real French in Beauty and the Beast. It can be annoying, but doesn’t trouble me much.

Again, it’s this odd thing where the lead character can speak to animals. It’s consistent with the first film, but doesn’t make much sense. Here though it’s like they make an effort to say that he has a special connection. Cody is for pets what Bernard and Bianca are for humans; a symmetry is established by it, which explains why it’s okay that the movie opens with Cody. HE’s a Rescuer of the name too.

But the talking pet thing is inconsistent because some pets talk and others don’t. I like that Marahute doesn’t, but WHY doesn’t she? Same with Joanna. Another problem is that Bernard and Bianca spend all this time getting to Australia (though why can’t the RAS dispatch an Australian? Wouldn’t that save like two times’ time?), then they don’t do much to help Cody. Until the end of the film, they keep missing him just.

And then it becomes more about rescuing the bird than Cody. I believe they draw it off by the end mainly, with him dangling over crocodiles, but it is a weakness. You didn’t mention among the best comic pieces in the film: Frank the lizard and his get away from McLeach’s cage.

He was a favorite character of mine as a youngster. The actual movie loses in story and there it creates up for tenfold visually here. This is the most stunning movie that that they had made since at least Black Cauldron visually, and since Sleeping Beauty probably. It’s just GORGEOUS. I really like the colour palatte.

And while Menken’s scores are praised and earn Oscars, I believe the score for this one is merely great. The movie had a great life on home video, and once and for all reason. This is one I wish I put observed in theaters really, and would like to visit a re-release. Maybe it doesn’t always have quite the heart of the first movie, but it is fun, thrilling, and one of the uncommon non-musicals. It’s modern, it generally does not have the problems of range the first one did, and the computer animation is breath-taking. It really is considered by me a worthy successor.