Language School Business Card Template

Keep students in the loop if it is time to reach out by distributing personalized language college business cards. Put your contact information center and front in custom text using your preferred fonts, colors, and sizes, and then add your logo design or graphic to make your credit card its most memorable. Print your cards for access immediately, or why don’t we deal with printing for a polished finish.

For instance, in classes for music business you might learn how agreements are made, how travels get promoted and how royalties work. Join the band you desire to be in. Earn an enormous income through music. Get signed to a saving agreement Actually. Put together an effective tour. Sustain success in your music career for a long period. You only get these these types of results when you work closely with a mentor who has accomplished these things already.

4. You need to live in large city to become a successful pro musician. Reality: It doesn’t matter what city you live in. YOU will be the key element. It is rather common for music companies to interact with music artists who live thousands of mls away or further! Uncover the principles that help you build a successful music career and apply them in your own life.

This will help you achieve success irrespective of where you live. 5. You need good music industry connections to have success. Reality: Music industry contacts do not necessarily lead to significant results in music. For example, if you just occurred to meet the president of major music company, would that lead you to a record offer? 1. You’ve built up tons of value to provide already. 2. You’ve already made a reputation for yourself and are recognized for being faithful, have a hard work ethic, can be respected and has a solid attitude for business. People in the music business always check these exact things first before making a decision to utilize someone. Learn how to get your fans to buy your music to make your music career a complete lot more secure.

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In the normative theory of individualism, Nike is an honest company. Utilitarianism talks about the overall happiness of the stakeholders. As recently mentioned the stakeholders include the factory workers and families, the factory management, and also Nike. The factory workers and their families are unhappy clearly. These are being abused plus they cannot operate and do anything about any of it.

The manufacturer management does why is them happy. If this example triggered any unhappiness they could stop what they are doing immediately and there wouldn’t be a case to look at and check out. Nike is unhappy by this situation. They have tried so difficult to improve factory work overseas and now all that work has been questioned because there is clearly still abuse taking place in these factories. The majority of the stakeholders are disappointed meaning Nike is unethical when looking at the utilitarianism theory.

The third theory is the Kantianism theory which includes four parts. The definition includes acting rationally and be consistent in your behavior, helping others act rationally, respect others decisions, and to take action in good will. Nike is not acting rationally or being consistent. If Nike was being constant in its behavior Nike would have made these factories work at Nike standards just like the other overseas factories.

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Also if Nike wished to help others react rationally it would be speaking with the management at these factories to help them understand how to treat the employees. If Nike was employed in good will, these employees would not be being treated as as they are badly. Nike is very unethical according to the Kantianism theory of business ethics.

The last theory that Nike will be analyzed under is the Virtue theory. The virtue theory includes four virtues; courage, credibility, temperance, and justice. With regards to credibility and courage, Nike knows these employees are being treated so and they are doing nothing about any of it badly. They state that their hands are tied due to the contracts Converse was in with these factories prior to Nike purchasing Converse. Temperance identifies having reasonable goals, clearly Nike has no objectives for how these employees in Indonesia should be treated. Justice includes the essential idea of reasonable methods, if Nike needed justice in their manufacturing plant in Indonesia they might have fair procedures for these employees, they are abused daily at the job instead. Based on the virtue theory, Nike is again an unethical company yet. Home | Mail Online. N.p., july 2011 13. Web. Salazar, Heather. Business Ethics, Economics, and Individualism. Salazar, Heather. Business Ethics and Virtue. Salazar, Heather. Kantian Business Ethics, Utilitarian and Business Ethics.