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To whom I’m most thankful! Which will come in time. THEREFORE I rearranged some things from the next part of part 1 to maintain the first for the sake of staying topical to each subject matter. Don’t worry; it shouldn’t impact any timelines! Massive because of Thorn for edits and her efforts, and to Celestial for assisting me fill in the gaps to many places I had fashioned trouble with! In the event that you provided helper edits as well, many thanks! I didn’t tag you because I have no idea who you are; please make yourself known to me therefore I can label you for credit!

We Brought Murderers and Drunken Halflings! Amani, Anthony, and Tally are returning to turn in the combined group of individuals who attacked Tally. The others are with Meallan as he restarts the ritual. The other half of the party is time for Zaihar with the prisoners tangled up. Formerly-Circet-Elf is leading, and they woke up the last one in line so they can walk. The others are unconscious still, being dragged along. Along the real way, prisoner-party sees a trenchcoat on the ground under a tree. As soon as they touch the trenchcoat, it allows out muffled grumbles.

Amani is taken aback. The trenchcoat opens up and a face pops away. Cue poking and rustling within the trenchcoat. Ant: “I am Anthony. (“Hi! Tally pokes the formerly-Circlet Elf with them. At the ritual Back, Meallan is busy. Khamet’s half-paying attention. It’s kind of boring to watch after a while, in the end.

  • KATE colorcious gemstone eyeshadow (BR-1)
  • Ingredients:1/2 banana, 1/2 glass oatmeal, 1 Tbsp honey & Water
  • Visit pop-up shops to get great offers
  • Moisturize and hydrate your skin to enhance cell renewal

Sometimes he pulls out his journal to write observations. He tries to activate in discussion with Basil Sometimes. Amani supplies the halfling’s a few of their trail rations. The trenchcoat staggers to its foot. It’s about 6 ft tall. There is a face at the very top, still sleeping. At the bottom, there is a tail poking away; their dog. Anthony tries to snap his fingertips before the sleeping face. The halflings have never gone to this city before, so it’s a thrilling new chance of these drunk halflings!

Please, don’t. But it’s nice to know you have the option! Not going to stab you, you guys seem cool, I guess. Uhh, we do have a lot of magic at our disposal, but we appreciate the offer! I could always utilize help bashing stuff! I can’t help if people want to kill me because I’m pretty!

Yeah, those men are known by us. Oh, you know them! What do you know about them? Who are these interpersonal people, actually? Well, okay, I want to rephrase that. I’ve seen these folks. You’ve seen them around? Okay, did you see any of them go back into the city, like a few minutes ago just?

Maybe my friend, Mister Silver Piece, will offer you up some given information! Well, I haven’t seen these four, in the day since they left the town earlier. What do you want to ask? Do you know where these were staying in the town, by any chance? They looked pretty trash. Did you to see them, during the day mostly, mostly at night or? Day Mostly. I have no idea! No, After all like, there are a lot of individuals in the city, I don’t remember all of them. Oh, not sigh at me! Well, I didn’t know she was a murderer! Wait, these guys murdered someone?