Weight Loss Surgery Nightmare Or Glutton’s Dream?

Weight Loss Surgery Nightmare or Glutton’s Dream? Julie Dunbar, 51, got weight-reduction surgery after her weight hit 20th 7lb or 287 pounds. Is this really a bad thing? Consider it. Obesity is simply a byproduct of our gluttony and gluttony is the complete point of living. We live to consume rather than the other way around and today she has to consume to live.

How great is that? Among the disadvantages of gluttony gets obese and extra fat. The whole point of life for fat people/gluttons is eating and the greater we eat the happier we are. With this type of surgery gluttony no longer harm our health and wellness! How great is that! A pub landlady who underwent a gastric bypass procedure is becoming so thin she must eat a hill of food every day to remain alive. The slimming surgery caused Julie Dunbar’s body to stop absorbing the nutrients it requires.

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In 12 months, her weight plummeted from 20th 7lbs or 238 pounds to a skeletal 6th -84 pounds and she ended up in hospital dangerously malnourished and close to death. Piling it high: Julie Dunbar has to eat 5,000 calorie consumption a day after weight reduction surgery still left her seriously undernourished. This must be like being sentenced to 5 blow jobs each day. A week on food 307 dollars. Her daily menu includes half of a block of cheese, a packet of smoked salmon, a packet of biscuits, nuts, fruit, cake, a curry, or Shepherd’s pie for hand bags and dinner of sweets.

Miss Dunbar, 51, of Leeds, West Yorkshire, said: ‘It’s a full-time job. Our food costs are phenomenal. 307 to give food to me weekly. ‘It was enjoyable initially but now it’s a pain and I hate it and now it’s a thrill and I really like it! Even if I don’t feel like it I still really need to eat.’ (Obviously the food in England sucks and she needs the expertise of Proud FA the Dean of Feederism and the unsurpassed culinary skills from the Chef.

In 2010, Miss Dunbar paid £10,000 to really have the biliopancreatic diversion with a duodenal change operation at the private Spire Hospital in Leeds. In this type of weight-loss surgery a huge area of the stomach is removed and the tiny intestine re-routed. The thing is to reduce the amount of time the physical body must capture calories and absorb fat. Following the operation, her weight dropped so and her eating increased that her sister Karen quickly, 50, was inspired to really have the same procedure. But while the sister’s weight leveled off at 10th, Miss Dunbar’s continued to drop at an alarming EXCITING rate. She said: ‘It was a truly dreadful joyful time. In the pub, people viewed me and thought, “She is not heading to make it” “That lucky stiff”.

Yes, for some, there is no way around this. I am aware that. However, diabetes, obesity and some other health issues that plague U.S. Obviously every situation and everyone have a distinctive story or reason why their health is the way it is. And there is not a capture all thing to aim the finger at. I recognize that a healthy eater with a thyroid problem may have issues slimming down, way more than others doing the same thing.