My Rose Among Thorns

Alright people, I am planning this post for oh so long and I’m so pleased to finally knock it out! I had been in a makeup funk, and I made a decision to try out new primers and these were my initial testers. I’ve described my Sephora dependency before, and thankfully with their return policy it allowed me to buy all of these either in full size, travel sizes, or as samples with other orders. I’ve examined out seven of the very most popular primers out there! I was really thinking about the Murad primer since it has SPF in it.

I had been using the Clarins SPF and I had been hopeful this would eliminate that product. This has a gel like persistence but dried out into what experienced like a clean texture, throughout the day but I noticed my face inconsistently sensed oily. This product is meant to reduce the look of pores also, and I did not observe that effect in any way. In fact, I noticed an oily look to my face. People talk a lot about this primer, but it did not do me any favors-I could see every pore!

My makeup didn’t blend well after, it appeared streaky, and by mid-day, you’d never know I had been wearing any makeup! My face was also gleaming after this primer. I am an enormous Hourglass fan! I’ve been using their base for years now, and Not long ago I switched to their new stay base.

  • Then a steaming moist towel is draped and rubbed for sometime
  • Do not have a tendency to get a great deal of wrinkles
  • Have a nice smell
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Just like their foundation, this primer did not disappoint! It has a brilliant silky feel to it, it dries matte and was fairly darn perfect. I used to be so curious to try Cover FX because it’s one particular new brands which has a lot of unique products. But this primer was unsatisfactory. It was very hard to blend my makeup and I ended up looking like I was wearing a mask.

I acquired creases around my eye, and it did not reduce the look of my skin pores. It had been taken over my chin, which is one of my problem areas. My makeup easily came off on the nose pads of my sunglasses. My face was shiny and felt wet each day. This Blur Stick was impressive pretty, in fact, I thought it would be the one.

It lasted most of the day, dried out matte, experienced like the silkiness of Hourglass, and I did so not have any post-gym clean off! I experienced like my skin pores were hidden and my makeup blended well. However, towards the finish of the day it started to come off on the nose pads of my sun shades and I started to look oily.