The Daily Diary Of AN ABSOLUTE Loser

Yesterday was a 4-star day: I preserved the integrity of my calorie budget, I continued to be processed sugar-free, I fulfilled my daily water goal, and I remained well linked with exceptional support. I’ve continued to be constant this week. I must say, I’m pleased it’s Friday! I’m getting excited about a good weekend forward. I’m off from radio this weekend, so I’ll have time to focus on a few considerations that require some focus!

The topic of consistency has appear a few times of late. Consistency is key, for sure. This street isn’t about perfection. Striving for excellence is the quickest detour to disappointment. Consistency is the target along this road. If we can be constant, we can accomplish amazing things. But how do we remain constant?

In my estimation, it begins by narrowing our focus. Not once have I sat down with a calendar to attempt to find out when I’ll reach some predetermined number. I haven’t even mentioned a particular goal weight, deciding on a “healthy weight instead.” Who knows what that’ll be?

It doesn’t matter how long it takes or when I’ll get there because my focus is on today. My goal is to make it through this day with the integrity of my diet intact and whether it’s a fitness day, that too. Today is the day. I’m not obsessing about how much time it will require.

  • “Weight gain and stomach fat are unavoidable after 40.”
  • Swiss Kriss Tablets
  • Walk, count number, remind
  • The antenna elevation of Burj Khaliafa is 828m (2717ft) and it cost $1.5 billion to build

It will need however long it requires. If I concentrate on how long it will take to “arrive,” I’m recommending that my initiatives will end at some point. And making my food and fitness a huge priority in my own life is something I really do not anticipate closing, ever. Keeping it simple is important in keeping us constant.

Simplicity supports regularity and uniformity beats strength. It’s a breeze to make this really difficult. You can quickly overwhelm yourself with a variety of numbers, guidelines, self-imposed requirements, and rock solid targets. Keep it as simple as you will need, to fit what your location is. If you’re planning on getting up tomorrow as a totally different person with completely different behaviors and behaviors–it could become very hard, really fast. Narrow the focus to 1 day at a period, set your limitations and maintain the integrity of your limits, enjoy what you’re eating and love what you’re choosing to do for exercise. And a huge one: Create a support system that targets accountability.

Don’t remain all hush about your efforts–share it, tell your friends and family–make some declarations and have for support from those you’re assured will give it. Keep a MyFitnessPal food journal or something similar and make it accessible by the friends you accept. Establishing an everyday “You Time” for your daily foundation of mental, emotional, and spiritual “food” is super-important for me. It can be whatever you make it: Meditation, prayer, positive visualizations, positive affirmations–again, it’s yours and yours alone, make it important and consistent each day and I truly believe you’ll immediately notice an improvement.