Psychological RAMIFICATIONS OF Child BeautyPageants On Its Contestants

As one can certainly determine positive emotional outcomes from participating in beauty pageants, you can also see the negative aspects on the child’s wellbeing. Culture has their views on beauty pageants but do they know all the known facts? Adults need to understand the potential long-term effects that can come with these child participants.

Growing up within pageants can cause children to believe that one has to be perfect in order to succeed in life. Within this section I am going to present some common negative effects that are linked to the participation in beauty pageants as a child. From personal experience with viewing the TLC show “Toddlers and Tiaras” one can see how a few of the kids don’t desire to be on the stage, training, or even gaining all the glitz and glam that are included. I can even see that forcing a kid into any activity is not healthy to them.

The common routines that the participants undergo to get ready for a pageant is one of the primary reasons for children not enjoying the knowledge. Most of the pageants wear fake beauty enhancers. These include ‘flippers’ that are fake teeth, fake nails and eyelashes, heavy pinned in locks pieces, eyebrows plucked or shaven into formation, and most of all squirt tans. Katherine Bindley, interviewed and released on the Huffington Post articles on Brooke Breedwell, a former pageant superstar. Within the article, “Brooke Breedwell, Former Child Pageant Star, Warns Parents Against Pageant Life”, Brooke clarifies, “I absolutely hated the make-up, the hairspray and false teeth. But the majority of all I hated being forced to be on the tanning bed and I would cry each and every time.

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However, microdermabrasion offers the benefit of improving PIH and overall pores and skin clearness, as well as uncovering gentle, perfect and simple skin that feels refined. Home microdermabrasion kits and chemical peeling kits are plentiful and for a few individuals may help PIH. These at-home kits provide a milder version of the in-office procedures. The primary benefits of these packages are their low comparative cost and easy accessibility.

However, it is vital to ask your skin doctor if these at-home techniques are appropriate for your skin. This is important if you are using any type of topical medication especially. Another word of caution: it is crucial that you follow the directions on the box exactly and you don’t perform the procedure more often than indicated on the box. Failure to follow the directions can lead to serious side results.

There are numerous home cures for the treating dark marks. Some of these may lead to serious harm to the skin. Others have never been clinically shown to be effective in the treating PIH. It is very important to check on with your physician before using any treatment for PIH. Invest the matters is likely to hands, it may lead to more harm than you could ever visualize. Cocoa butter is a used home treatment for PIH commonly, in the African-American community especially.

The cocoa butter planning is put on the skin a few times daily for weeks or months. It offers moisturization to the skin. However, there is absolutely no scientific data available that supports the effectiveness of cocoa butter in the treating PIH. Aloe vera is another home treatment used for healing wounds, skin, and burns discolorations. The gel from the aloe vera plant or a commercially available cream or lotion is applied directly to the skin. However, there is absolutely no technological proof that aloe vera effectively treats PIH. Topical corticosteroid (cortisone) creams, both over-the-counter and prescription varieties, are used for a number of skin disorders.

Unfortunately, some individuals with brown pores and skin have used these lotions for the treatment of PIH. The lotions are inappropriately applied to your skin and in many instances are applied for a prolonged time frame. This leads to damaging side effects. The side effects include long term thinning of the skin, permanent redness of your skin from overgrowth of blood vessels, the looks of rashes on your skin and uncontrollable outbreaks of acne. Topical cortisone should not be used for the treating PIH unless under the direct supervision of a dermatologist. Examples of corticosteroid creams obtained in beauty supply stores which should NEVER be utilized for PIH.

Chlorine bleach is an unhealthy home treatment for the treating PIH and really should never be utilized on the skin for just about any reason. As you’ll anticipate, there is no scientific data to support its efficiency in treating PIH. Sunscreen is another effective and simple way to combat PIH. By utilizing a sunscreen containing an SPF of 15 or 30 regularly, even in winter, you can prevent the further darkening of areas of existing PIH. The very best products to use are believed “broad spectrum” because they obstruct both UVA and UVB rays. Patients worried about oily pores and skin should look for sunscreen sprays and gels in order to avoid further skin surface oil.