Rowan Jameson Windham Foundation

The following are key financial pages from the tax return our foundation filed with the IRS for 2015. The omitted web pages were not had, or appropriate no financial information to them but can be found upon request. As you can see, nearly all of our operating expenses go directly to the purchase of items donated to patients and parents at a healthcare facility. The only other expenses we have experienced are submitting fees and purchasing business cards. Our banking is currently free, and we do not pay an income to any of our board associates. It is our goal to keep this advanced of standard, putting as a lot of the donated money directly towards ways that benefit households in a healthcare facility with their small children as you can.

If a few of your workers would like to are volunteer in more time, induct them through an effective channel, created for volunteer enrolment. Never force your paid employees or employees to work as a volunteer for your organization. Never pressurize any individual to pay its services and time for your organization.

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Educate your supervisors to produce a clear difference between volunteer and worker. Educate them with the basic rule for employees, because forcing a worker to do the job without any payment is against the guidelines. This can be damageable for your organization and employees too. Most of the organizations financially assist their volunteers by means of rewards, special discounts on wage and services for their pocket expenditures.

Legitimate volunteers will be the volunteer who is rewarded in conditions of the arrangement of their expenditures, some non-financial benefits, and little fees for services. Two issues are mainly involved in satisfying a volunteer; first issue arises about taxation and second issue involves the status of volunteers, because payments put their volunteer status in danger.

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