How To Determine The Right Platform For Your First Blog?

To take up a blog or website you need to have the tools to achieve that. Blog is a kind of website so in this article I shall call the website for convenient. With the charged power of technology, creating a website is becoming very easy, you don’t need to learn a complete lot, no code, programming, … And anyone can create their own website.

If you want to learn & commit a good time, you also have the capability to make a specialist web site not inferior compared to anyone. Usually do not confuse the two. Finally, I’ll conclude & offer you advice on what platform to use. WordPress is free, but limited to full stuff. WordPress will not allow you to include ads, tracking code.

Data from WordPress is not yours & you are reliant. Both of these platforms are different completely, do not think .COM domains is the primary site, .ORG is the supplementary site. There is no need to spend your hosting costs but be limited by many things. Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress is open up source. Gives you to independently build website, self-operating server hosting server, customize all configuration & content to catch the attention of traffic or generate income from your website. Blogger (formerly known as Blogspot) is also a platform for users to make websites or blogs for free. I will go into the analysis of every factor has the ability to compare.

Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress is an open source software that helps you create a professional blog and website. You need to have a database on 1 server and load source code to be able to run the website. You should have full control over your site from setting up, keeping, uploading, and burning your computer data.

That’s pretty easy, you do not need to learn about hosting management. You will not have control over your data on Blogger. All this data is saved by Google, when Google exists still, your site will remain active. The Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress source code is provided free of charge. But a hosting is necessary by you to store the data. You will need a website name for your website also. 50 a year to maintain these costs.

Also, when your website creates income. Depending on your requirements you can purchase more premium plugins and themes. These are beautiful and customizable themes highly. Or the plugins bring many good features to you website. In case your website is profitable, you should invest. You only need to sign up for a free of charge account to begin developing a website based on the templates. The themes are very nice however, not many and diverse. However, the key point is that you only get a maximum of 3GB of data storage.

That is, through the construction of the website, if you add more articles, beautify more multimedia medias, when exceeding 3GB you have to pay extra to up grade the accounts, not free any longer. All free. You do not need to buy your own hosting because Google is your server for storing your computer data.

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It’s easy and free.. You can buy your own domain name (, .net, .org, …) to include. You can create as many websites as you want, because Google’s machines are unlimited. Hard because: You do not know very well what to choose hosting to buy, buy site, how to manage hosting, add domains, install Blog Tool, Publishing Platform, and CMS – WordPress, install theme, install plugin.

Easy because: All have tutorials online, just go to Google search. Simple to use because with free account, you is only going to customize some basic stuff available. That is suitable for people who only want to create weblogs to kill time, store their emotions, or to confide in themselves of writing in paper diary or writing on Facebook instead. In the event that you just make a niche site to share common posts, or basic sales website.

It’s user friendly Blogger, simply register, choose the template is available. But if you would like to make a professional website for sales optimization, web services with many features, or you want to personalize to your liking then you have to know the code to create or refine the template.