Growing Your Business Intelligently

I recently watched the movie Rent. Just, what a thought provoking opening song. “500 twenty-five thousands, 1000 minutes. A year in your life” How will you measure? If you are like the majority of us, we tend to proceed through life no more thinking about lots of the actions or interactions that take place during the 17 hours that we are awake. The actions overtime have become repeatable practices. Every day we typically repeat the cycle that is both negative and positive before need to think about “what you want to do, need to do and eventually can do”!

I recently noticed a group of skate boarders aged from 7 to 10 years old and thought how daring these were and what amazing talents that they had. The next group was somewhat older and seemed as impressive but then a switch happened just. The 20 to 30-year-olds became the coaches/mentors and they were now working with the younger group on ways to improve their skills and test their limits.

As adults, what I find amazing is that once we age, we draw to a far more secure position and stop screening our limitations back. We no more question what we do, why it is done by us, or what we have to do. When lately working with one of my clients, it was interesting to understand how they were staying away from risk and are no more pushing the limits in their personal or professional lives.

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Nick Boothman writer of Fully Connected in Business thinks that people came into this world with very capabilities. These superpowers allow us to execute a large number of things. However, over time we stop with them as when we were younger effectively. So what are these superpowers? The enthusiasm, curiosity, the capability to process empathy and information. We draw on these supper powers to survive. Just how many people do you know who are less enthusiastic, less curious, neglect to process information, and are much longer empathetic no? One of the known reasons for coaching is to bring people’s superpowers back to alignment. So can you, as a Trainer effectively do this? Let start at the start back.

Imagine for a moment the question was ‘How do you measure a is in your life both personally and professionally? ‘ Then reflect on the same question with your coaches. This question gave me food for thought and had me reflecting on 2007 / 2008 and what I had achieved personally and professionally and what our TAC-Coaching clients had achieved. Are we as a united team testing our limits and did we enable our clients to push their own limits? Let’s face it, many of us get lost in the day-to-day business of life.

In reality, we are so busy running around doing work in the business that we forget to work on the business. Area of the improvement process is about measuring and tracking the key success factors that are essential indicators of how we are doing or what we should ben’t doing? I am pleased to survey that even in today’s economic climate as a team we’ve succeeded and so have our clients.