Description And Examples Of Subjective

A subjective viewpoint is something predicated on one’s views, perspectives, beliefs, discoveries, desires, and feelings. It does not have any nervous about right or wrong, apart from the person’s opinion of what is wrong and right. Likewise, subjective writing or perspective is dependant on the writer’s own observation and experience.

It targets the writer’s personal point of view rather than built on facts that others see or things others go through. Third person point of view can also be subjective. It is known as “limited omniscience,” when a writer knows every detail about a character and sees the whole story through that character’s eyes.

The major difference between subjective and objective is that subjective information is dependant on just one single person’s feelings, assumptions, and opinions. It offers a point of view of that person no matter information or arguments it provides. Objective, on the other hand, is the info a writer or speaker provides outside of his/her personal opinions or feelings. It is based on facts. In this particular passage, readers can see how Harry is sense, thinking, and what’s happening with him.

They follow him very closely, but are unable to see the actual Dursleys are feeling or considering Harry. That is a depiction of subjective feelings. This excerpt is a good exemplory case of a subjective approach. Here, the speaker is expressing his emotions of love for the days of the past of Ancient Greece, as shown through pictures on a marble container.

In this stanza, he is talking about a musician, playing pipes beautifully. He escapes from physical world to his world of fantasy, where weather changes and there is an eternal springtime never. “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? Rough winds do tremble the darling buds of May…. In these relative lines, the loudspeaker expresses his opinion about his beloved, who is lovelier than the summer’s day. All the elements such as admiration and comparisons are subjective because criteria of beauty for one person might not be the same for others.

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Fallen frosty and dead. In this particular poem, the speaker is a sailor. He sings this music for the captain who leads his dispatch and crew properly into harbor after a dangerous long voyage. However, the captain dies in the ultimate end, and the loudspeaker is within a somber and intense feeling of sadness. This is also a great example of a subjective mood. With this stanza, the speaker is a poet himself who praises an anonymous woman.

Comparing her beauty to evening on the sky filled with stars. He expresses his feelings by comparing her to light and dark that she is a mixture of both. This is purely a subjective approach of expression. Subjective approach or presentation or view point is useful and allows the readers to get an insight in to the mind of the writer through interpretations and explication of his characters, thoughts, opinions and beliefs. Subjective writing or viewpoint builds tension and a larger freedom to readers to interpret actions of individual characters. This process givens a view that each person views a thing from different perspective.