Magnetic Whiteboards & Magnetic Whiteboard Paint

Magnetic whiteboards are a great investment, whether you need one for your meeting room or to show company updates on a large canvas. A magnetic whiteboard allows you to add a visual element to meetings, with product drawings and website screenshots stuck to the wall next to notes. This tool can be used to communicate points and is a great way to get everyone to see the bigger picture. You could also consider purchasing a magnetic board paint and dedicating it for company updates. If you have any kind of queries about wherever along with tips on how to use White Board Easels, you can email us on our web-page.

Smart Whiteboard Paint

Smarter Surfaces Whiteboard paint is a low-VOC, high performance whiteboard paint that can transform ordinary surfaces into large, writable, or dry-erase walls. The solution is simple: write on it, dry wipe off, and voila! Smart Whiteboard Paint can be purchased in kits of two or six square metres.

Magnetic Whiteboards & Magnetic Whiteboard Paint 3

Smart Magnetic Paint

Many K-8 classrooms come equipped with magnetic whiteboards. These boards can be used to do more than dry erase. Students can post charts and documents on click the next web page white board surface without scratching them. Smart Magnetic Paint is available as Clear or White. Unlike traditional whiteboard paint, this product provides a 10-year guarantee for its performance. You can pick a color that matches the theme of your class or a different color if it suits you better.


The full-wall dry erase board system Flow of whiteboard wall can be used horizontally or vertically. Its flexible mounting options allow it to be easily integrated into any space. It also comes with optional frameless or framed finishing, allowing you to add the finishing touch that you desire. In addition, you can easily switch between vertical and horizontal mounting options, depending on your needs. The Flow wall board is stylish and functional.

Frost White

Frost White is a great option if your office lacks the traditional appeal of a whiteboard. This board’s tempered glass surface offers smooth writing and erases cleanly after every use. click the next web page material is less porous, and therefore absorbent, than standard whiteboards. This board is a great fit for modern offices and can withstand everyday use due to its tempered glass. You can clean the board with a soft cloth.


Traditional whiteboard paint can’t be easily or cleanly wiped off. ReMARKable white board paint is different, as it can be easily erased without leaving permanent marks. Its unique formula allows it to be applied directly onto any colored surface. It’s also applied over any other type of paint. ReMARKable is available in a variety of sizes to suit any whiteboard wall area. Each kit includes a stir stick and roller frame, 1/4 inch nap roller, fiber-cloth eraser and Part A and B dry-erase paint.

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