Types of Instagram Followers to Avoid Buying

As Instagram continues to be one of the most popular social media platforms, it’s not surprising that many brands and individuals aim to increase their Instagram follower count. However, the desire to have a high number of followers has led to the emergence of fake followers for sale. While it may seem tempting to buy followers, it’s important to note that not all followers are created equal. In Discover this helpful guide article, we’ll discuss the types of Instagram followers you should avoid buying.

The “No Profile Picture” Account

One of the types of fake followers to avoid buying on Instagram is the “no profile picture” account. These accounts typically have no profile picture, no bio description, and zero posts. These accounts are created solely for the purpose of following other accounts, often in hopes of getting a follow back. Visit Discover this helpful guide external resource for additional information on the topic. how get instagram followers, dive deeper into the subject.

While these accounts may increase your follower count, they may not be beneficial to your brand or personal account as they are not active and will not engage with your content.

Types of Instagram Followers to Avoid Buying 3

The “Spam-Bot” Account

Another type of fake follower to avoid on Instagram is the “spam-bot” account. These accounts have automated systems that comment spam-like comments on posts. These comments may contain phrases like “great post,” “nice feed,” or “awesome content.” They may also contain irrelevant comments that are not related to the post.

Spam-bot accounts will not engage with your content in a meaningful way, and may even harm your brand’s reputation if they post negative or inappropriate comments. As such, it’s best to avoid buying followers from these accounts.

The “Pop-up Business” Account

The “pop-up business” account is a type of account that appears quickly and disappears just as fast. Accounts like these are created by companies that aim to sell fake followers and likes to individuals and brands.

While these accounts may seem legitimate at first, they often disappear after a short while, leaving you with fake followers that do not provide any benefit. Not only do pop-up business accounts hurt your reputation, they can also lead to a waste of time and money.

The “Fake Celebrity” Account

One type of fake account to avoid buying followers from is the “fake celebrity” account. These accounts may use the name and image of already-established celebrities or influencers to trick individuals and brands into buying followers.

While it may be tempting to get a quick boost of followers from an account that appears to be run by a celebrity, it’s important to remember that these accounts are not authentic and may harm your brand’s reputation. It’s best to build your following organically instead of trying to take shortcuts by purchasing followers.


While it may be tempting to buy Instagram followers to increase your follower count, not all followers are created equal. There are multiple types of fake followers such as “no profile picture” accounts, “spam-bot” accounts, “pop-up business” accounts, and “fake celebrity” accounts that you should avoid purchasing followers from. In the end, building an authentic and engaged following is more beneficial and valuable to your brand than having a large number of fake followers. Interested in gaining more knowledge on the topic discussed? buy instagram followers australia, explore the thoughtfully chosen external material to supplement your reading and enhance your knowledge of the topic.