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Today I’m going to share my thoughts on Maybelline’s latest palette release, The 24k Nudes Palette. I didn’t even know about this palette until last month. I’m just a little torn on my feelings on this palette. I love the colors really, but these shadows aren’t that picture friendly. As you can tell, you probably can see the shadows in my own second picture better than the first picture better.

Maybelline mentioned that the formula in the 24k Nudes Palette is meant to raised than the previous Nudes Palettes which have been released. I will admit that the formulation feels softer and the shadows feel creamier, however, many of the shadows still lack pigmentation. I believe that palette is great for creating a soft makeup look rather than a makeup look that are darker or smokey.

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  • Annoying smell

I can see myself creating a great deal of difference gentle eye makeup appears with this palette especially with the shimmery shadows. I haven’t created a Smokey Eye yet, but based on my swatches I believe I could maybe create a gentle Smokey attention? I think that I’ll put that on my set of makeup looks to create. I used MAC’s Paint Pot in Painterly as an eyeshadow base and I also used Colourpop Hanky Panky as a transition color since there are no transitions colors in this palette. The shadows wear well during the day, except I noticed that my makeup started to fade about 5 hours later. My eye makeup was still noticeable, however, not as noticeable as I’d like. Do this palette is possessed by you? What are your ideas? Thanks for stopping by my blog!

So both of these deodorants talked about in the Instagram post are two fantastic options you can choose from if you don’t want to make your own magnesium-based deodorant. I actually find the Schmidt’s Coconut Pineapple fragrance at my local TJ Maxx at a discount! So if you have a TJ Maxx nearby, be sure to check on there first! They involve some great healthier deodorant options actually.

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