Day Weekend Re-cap Memorial

I’ve been just a little MIA recent days. Day weekend feels as though a blur Memorial! I was super busy and it went by super fast! Saturday I went to Mohegan Sun in Connecticut to see Chelsea Handler. She does not split me up never or show something completely disturbing you. It had been a good show, she performed for about a full hour, and was her usual funny self. A huge shout to my friend Scott, who invited me along with this adventure! All of those other weekend I spent on Cape Cod. It was filled up with sunshine, laughter, and all around good times.

I was so pleased to finally be at the beach again! Lastly, and most importantly, Monday was filled up with many tributes to those who fought for our country. Between the parades and the memorials, Day really means I must say I had to be able to reflect on what Memorial. This is one of many memorials in the Veterans Park near the house on the cape. I am hoping everyone else could have a great, relaxing long weekend.

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