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And this will happen again and again, day long all. Even if you don’t have the type of mobile app where users get lost inside it for hours on end (like gaming apps), they’re still going to see its icon every time they open their phone. This familiarity, if subconscious even, is a powerful way to keep the brand top-of-mind with customers. You can even remain near the top of your reader’s mind thanks to Push Notifications, which I’ll expand on in the next section.

Sure, they could subscribe to your publication for these types of updates, but that will require that they signal into a contact app, read the message, and then make their way to your mobile application or website for more information. Having a mobile app, you cut out the middleman. Push notifications go directly to users once you have information or relevant content to talk about, even when they’re not using your mobile app.

Notify users that new articles, video, or sound have been published. Call attention to the most important stories of the day. Reach out to customers on the run and lure these to your store. Send reminders about appointments, abandoned shopping carts, unread communications, and so forth. Mobile apps are the ideal platform so you can get quick messages to users to increase readership, sales, and general engagement with your brand. They are the most typical objections companies have to building a mobile app for his or her WordPress site. That is an easy argument to make considering how expensive app-building services were in the past when the technology was relatively new.

Even today, app development agencies and freelance developers that create an application from-scratch may be too expensive for some businesses. However, you have significantly more options now-ones that are much more affordable, but give you great results still. Take MobiLoud, for example. You’re heading to pay less to employ a ongoing service such as MobiLoud and, yet, you don’t have to bargain on the results. You get a fully native app to complement your WordPress site still.

Because of the, you’re heading to visit a great return on your investment. You’re spending less than you were thought by you’ll, and still have the ability to win over your mobile application users as much as you’ll if you had sprung for a fully custom mobile app build. Developing your website got a long time. With all the coding, copywriting, and design customizations involved, why go through all that with a mobile application again?