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Anger is a normal human reaction. Hard-wired to make us respond in ways which we believe to be rational. We all struggle with the same conundrum – how to respond when cheating or harm by another party? 1 million bathroom reconstructions. There’s always someone out there seeking to make a quick buck.

And if you are on the far side of the transaction – it hurts. It really is painful, unfair, and disastrous financially. I resented my dot com blamed and loses the broker, the media, regulators, and finally myself. The truth is – I decide how to proceed with my money, where you can invest and who to trust.

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If I make a bad decision – I face the consequences. I could resent the results, blame depends upon, and seek revenge but what does that buy me. Some mental solace, a feeling of “getting even” and perhaps some closure. In my mind this propensity to dwell on revenge is a waste of your time.

So what should one do? First – overcome the revenge desire. Vent, punch a bag, meditate … overcome it. Then dwell on it. Dwell on the situation. Why did it go wrong? What were the warning flag which was ignored? What due diligence was lacking? Understand the primary cause of the nagging problem. If you don’t know what went wrong – how will you plan to improve? And – progress finally. What is done is performed – study from it and progress. Therein lays the chance to leverage your failures and learning to reap bigger rewards.

The price degree of Public Transport, on the other hands, has been rising through the years steadily, marking 29.7% increments during the last 2 decades. Bus and teach fares have recently been revised up-wards in Dec 2018 with commuters paying up to 10 cents more. The spiraling cost of healthcare in Singapore has been making headlines lately and has remained one of the major concerns for some Singaporeans.

Based on the CPI data, the purchase price level for Medical & Dental Treatment has been raised by 72.85% within the last 20 years. Another study conducted by Mercer Marsh Benefits reveals that Singapore’s medical cost inflation was at 10% last year. Experts have commented that the enlargement of the insurance plan could have been one factor that pushed in the demand for health care and drive up inflation.

In a bet to curb over-consumption of medical services, the Ministry of Health has mandated the incorporation of a co-payment of 5% or more for the new Integrated Shield Plan riders this past year. It remains to be seen if the new plan is effective in keeping the rates for health insurance in check. First introduced in 1984, the MAS Core Inflation is another key measure of consumer price inflation that the central bank or investment company pays close focus on. It is produced from CPI-All Items Inflation by excluding the expenses of accommodation and private road transport.

The cost of private transport is significantly influenced by government policy targeted at controlling road congestion and is predominantly determined by the supply and demand for new vehicle licenses through a bidding process. Meanwhile, the bulk of the accommodation cost includes imputed rentals on owner-occupied accommodation which identifies the expected rental that a house owner is willing to pay to live in his / her own house. Given Singapore’s high home ownership rate, most households do not incur local rental expenditure.