How To Make A Website By Scratch

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After activation, perhaps you should disable some standard modules of BP: activity and group. We added great integration between Buddypress and merchant plugins. For instance, you can show products of vendor on profile page and special widget of User on Store page. You can give points for product posting, wishlist adding, voting, comments and other things. You can also give your consumer bonuses and conceal some elements of site for users who didn’t reach special amount of points. You can add categories and other filter systems to vendors also. This option will work for Buddypress plugin, so, you must first set it up.

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  • I would recommend to reset as a ‘empty security password’. This works best
  • First, Download DS4Windows program > Extract all the documents > Launch exe
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Theme facilitates now Xprofile areas in woocommerce register page, register popup and in WC Vendor setting page. To set filters for users, create areas in Users – Profile Fields (Extended Profile module must be triggered in Settings – Buddypress). By default, these fields will be included in BP register page, but with theme, you can include them to other styles. Places where you can allow fields Here. For woocommerce registration page – Theme option – Shop Settings – Add xprofile fields to join up form?

For login/enroll popup – Theme option – Buddypress options – Add xprofile areas to register form? Then, you may use new data for filter systems. For example, in Geo My WordPress plugin form (check earlier part about Store locator). You are able to choose fields to use in form. You can show xprofile areas near address field also.

Use Custom:horizontal-xprofile or Custom:horizontal-big-fields-xprofile template because of this. If you are using form on web page, enable only one select field of xprofile fields. It’s very common request from our buyers. They want to make store locator for products (not suppliers). We have customization for Post locator function of GMW also, but this involves to add location for each submited product.

We added simple function which synchronized them. Because of this, go to Theme option – shop configurations – Synchronize product and user location? Our latest theme version in addition has such unique function like Comparison prices from multiple vendors in Product. 2. You can assign personally list to “Compare prices with shortcode” layout also.