Investment Banking Series

What could it be in any case? A pitch publication is the paramount of times and nights of the banker’s effort. It is a marketing tool that tries to create apart basically very similar banks and also to support the claim that THIS bank, and NO ANY OTHER should be choosing to arrange the offer.

They say pitch books used to be real books, however in the present world these are Power Point presentations printed out and bound in a plastic cover. The main purpose of the pitch book is to deliver two communications to the prospective client: (1) “we understand your business perfectly”, and (2) “when it comes to organizing your offer, we will be the best fit”.

Both claims are usually fragile at best, but they extensively are created elaborately and, and the causing multi web-page record looks impressive often. A pitch book will have varying structure depending on what product is being proposed, but there is a lot of similarities. Executive SummaryHere the most compelling marketing points will be made, carefully phrased not to appear to be ones, and checked by compliance not to sound as an assumption of any obligations. In case of POWL, the demand estimation is one of the main element points to watch.

The bank’s ownership structure, retail network, and services provided are some of the possible topics to be covered here. In case there is POWL, particular emphasis will be placed on the retail investors: the propensity to savings that created a zero-yielding bank savings of unprecedented scale and the recent emerging shift to investment into equities. Also, the summary of the institutional traders is also likely to show up here, consisting from LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE, Non-Life Insurance, Trust Banks, and Asset Management companies.

For a collateral placement, it could be public or private, and public can be carried out with or without list on one or more of Japan stock exchanges. The emphasis in a POWL pitch publication will be placed on the lighter paperwork and less strict requirements to be eligible for placement, as compared to listing. Technical summary: requirements to be fulfilled, process stream, approximate timeline, required disclosure (during placement, and ongoing) to name a few aspects.

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Recent equity market performance, illustrated by the actions in one of the major indexes usually, such as Nikkei 225 or TOPIX. This part presents the summary of similar offers. For POWL, this part is always a bit of a challenge, as the majority of the recent deals were by Chinese companies, so that it is challenging to find good comparable cases. League tables (carefully chosen to show the bank at the very top), the set of the offers in a similar industry, physical region, or similar in character will be put in this section together. Any awards the bank has (hopefully) recently received will also get into this section. Putting together a pitch reserve is not a piece of cake. It requires a lot of research, data mining and internal communication between departments, allow limitless formatting and rewording of every passage by itself.

Make a spot to go over them with your trusted financial planner and CPA. Live For Today, Plan For Tomorrow. DAVID RAE, CFP, AIF is a LA retirement planning specialist with DRM Wealth Management. He has been assisting friends of the LGBT community reach their financial goals for over ten years. Nightline has called him a “Tax Wizard within an Expensive Suit” He could be a regular contributor to the Advocate Magazine, Investopedia, and Huffington Post as well as the writer of the Financial Planner LA Blog.

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The investment banker’s mobile phone bands. It’s his employer in London. He becomes agitated, excuses himself and steps out of the restaurant. “Yes, the display went well. Your client is happy. On Mon We’ll have the documents authorized. Sure. Bye.” His heart is pounding so he remains outside a minute much longer before moving back inside. As he makes his way in, his phone goes off again and he involves an abrupt halt.