Some Top Hobbies Of Retirees

Some Top Hobbies Of Retirees

Retiring is a point in life that a lot of people look forward to, although most find that they are not really prepared for it.
It is not so much the financial or security aspects of retiring that people today struggle with; instead, it is realizing just how much time they have on their hands once work is no longer a part of the weekly equation! Of course, many retirees will fill this extra time with travel or with “work that isn’t really work” (volunteering, babysitting, even part time jobs in totally unrelated fields to what the retiree was doing before), but many find that hobbies are also an essential part of staying vital after retirement.

For many, retirement hobbies are something that were enjoyed during working life but that retirement allows them to focus on even more. Retirees should keep in mind that no matter how much they love any one activity, the opportunity to concentrate on that hobby consistently may mean that they grow tired of it. It is important, therefore, to have a range of hobbies during the retirement years. Here is a list of some of the most popular activities pursued by people after they retire.

Bird Watching

Although the title is still contested by gardening and amateur photography, bird watching has been demonstrated to be the most popular hobby in America today. The retired community is no exception, and bird watching combines both a great hobby and an opportunity to travel. Like any good hobby, bird watching can be as involved or as casual as the participant wishes, with high quality equipment available as well as hundreds of different resources. Clubs are available all over the United States, and of course anywhere a person travels there is opportunity to watch a new species.


Gardening remains a steady favorite among retirees. It is a way to get outside, get exercise, create something through hard work, and add to your pantry or your home décor alike. Gardeners in locations that are not temperate, of course, will have to deal with four or five months of the year being unsuitable to their past time (unless of course they are also enthusiasts of indoor gardens and greenhouses). Still, the opportunities during the growing months are staggering; planting, tending, fertilizing and finally harvesting gardens can mean hours and hours of peace. Opportunities to enter produce and floral arrangements in fall fairs or other county celebrations also allow people to show off their craft.


Nothing has exploded world wide in the last few years in a bigger way than wine. No longer just a beverage, wine is now a commodity. For many, this hobby does not just involve redoing their basements into cellars, but also making sure that they have all the best accessories and display cases for their collections. Like bird watching, it is also a hobby that can be taken all over the world; there are many popular vacation spots that also offer dozens of wineries to be toured and tasted at. Wine enthusiasts never have a shortage of opportunity as just a trip to a local restaurant is an occasion to indulge the past time!

There are dozens of other hobbies that retirees find are a great way to invest their well earned leisure time. Photography, golf, various table games, fishing, collecting, and crafts all remain popular among retirees. A strong combination of several different hobbies will mean a very busy retirement!