The Journey for Soul and Self

The Journey for Soul and Self

Soul and body-A journey through Life

The soul and body are two internal aspects of your inner world that determine the development of your self. The soul and body have to be in perfect balance in order to achieve self-realization. The soul is representative of your psychological well-being. This includes factors like intelligence, aptitude, creativity and motivation. One should live a life that is up to his or her psychological level. Otherwise, stress and anxiety become an imperative factor affecting the well-being in life. The body is directly proportional to the well being of the soul. A healthy body certainly produces a healthy mind. Longevity is worthless without happiness. Thus, it is necessary to exercise and diet in order to maintain a healthy body.

Your soul and body are the crucial components towards happiness. Happiness is positive living, both in terms of thinking and practicing good habits. Your happiness is actually the indicator of how well your body and soul are blended. If you were ill then certainly you would feel physical discomfort and will not enjoy life for a specific period. However if you undergo immense psychological stress particularly in the break up of a relation then your soul takes more time to heal than your body and you become susceptible to depression and anxiety. Therefore, in these situations where you don’t seem to get out of the depression and anxiety it becomes necessary that you talk things out with your loved ones. The release of emotions is popularly known as catharsis. This release of emotion serves as enlightenment for the soul as the emotion that has been fixated within your psyche has finally gained a release.

Scientific studies suggest that unconscious instincts within our soul play a key role in physical ailments of the body. For example, any troubled relationship with a loved one may result in a headache. This is not just a physical ailment. Since it is related to emotional causes, the headache will remain till the emotion is not released from the soul. Therefore, it is always necessary to maintain a positive and optimistic outlook towards life. Never give up in achieving your goals as each goal that is succeeded proves as a feedback for your self to understand. When you look back at your achievements, you feel a sense of rejuvenation that further acts as factor towards developing your self-esteem.

Just like any voyage or journey that you undertake to explore your surroundings and have a nice time with your friends. So to your body and soul demand similar exploration in order to live a healthy life. Most people who have an increased self-awareness are not very self-conscious. Self-conscious actually makes an individual inhibit his response to the environment. Its only when you have an open flow of thoughts to the external environment that you can perceive things uniquely. Moreover exploring the soul with open-mindedness actually is the true spirit to self-realization that leads to a person achieving nirvana. You can meander your way through your soul by realizing the interests and aptitude that is vested inside you. It is often when you practice your hobbies that you feel connected with your soul. In fact, all your hobbies and interests are just part of the soul. By realizing your hobbies and interests, you have actually explored a hidden area in your unconsciousness. Thus by practicing your hobbies and interests your instinctual creativity is instilled which gives you a sense of happiness.

Therefore, your soul and body are just the inherent space within you that seek exploration. They are the inherent factors towards realizing your true self as a perfect balance between them leads to lasting happiness.