What Is Insurance?

What is Insurance receive in the diagram below. Risk is involved with all areas of life and business. Meaning of Insurance is given in the diagram below. Insurance is a contract moved into between two parties, i.e. the business guaranteeing in the agreement of insurance to compensate is known as insurance provider / assurer. As the person to whom such assurance is given is recognized as insured / assured. Within this contract, the insurer is liable to compensate for the specific reduction to the covered by insurance who has paid regular consideration, i.e. an insurance high quality. Definition of Insurance receive in the diagram below. Proposal: It is a written demand by the proposer (covered by insurance) to the insurance company to issue insurance policy.

Insurance Policy: This is actually the document comprising the conditions & conditions of contract of insurance. Insurer: The business which agrees to pay money for compensating the deficits is call insurance provider or assurer. Insured: The individual who is insured is named the covered by insurance or the guaranteed. Premium: The standard consideration paid by the insured to insurance company.

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Risk: Happening of the contingency against which insurance is affected. Subject matter of insurance: It refers to the subject against which the policy is used. In LIFE INSURANCE COVERAGE, the entire life of the assured is a subject matter. In Fire Insurance, the assets and goods or property of the insured is the topic matter. In Marine Insurance, the cargo or ship is the subject matter. Claim: It is the demand made by the insured on the insurer to pay for loss on happening of the event. Some important articles on insurance policies are given below.

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