What Should I Do?

200 for 51 hours of work. I wish to survey him because he’s been very abusive, and will do this to another person just, but don’t want to get in trouble. I’ve struggled with my mental health my entire life. After a series of traumas (divorce, homelessness, a drug relapse, PTSD, etc) I had completely abandoned, and was just hardly getting by staying with a pal. I wasn’t making hardly any money.

A years as a child friend needed help moving stuff out of his dad’s business and said he’d pay me to help them move. I possibly could always use money and wished to help him, as well as hang out with him, therefore I agreed. We ended up moving their stuff to a new store rather than shuttering the business permanently. 100 weekly to help him get the new store running. I’d be living on practically nothing so this was a step up and I agreed even.

My friend have been taking care of his father because, at present even, he’s probably 5 years from death so we all sensed sorry for him away. After too much stress he asked me to care for his dad and the store so he could go back to pursuing his career.

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Since I put started to acclimate more to being in public my anxiety acquired become better therefore I accepted his offer to take his place at the store. 200 a week, but it might be really light work, I could come and go as I delighted, and the grouped family would make sure that I was being looked after.

Fast forward for this and I run the store. I literally do everything. While my boss has been mostly kind for the first few months once I first started working there, he rapidly became an extremely abusive bully. I’m at the main point where it’s really affecting me and I wake up in the middle of the night agonizing about the cruel things he says if you ask me and how he treats me. At the top do devoid of the amount of money to leave I’ve been hesitant because if his wife requires my stick it will without doubt spark a divorce because he discusses that all the time.

I am staying here is keeping the business open up and keeping my friends family from collapsing. I could claw my way to normalcy with this job back again, which I’m thankful for, but as it was off the written books he realized he could treat me like shit. 200. I cannot do this regardless of how it effects my friend’s family anymore. A week much less more 250. ‘s messed me up really.

He shouldn’t be able to do that to other people, of who it is irrespective. I’d like to inform the right authorities but I don’t want to get in big trouble for carrying it out. I was vulnerable and feel that I’ve really been taken advantage of extraordinarily. I can’t afford the rent, I’ve been selling my belongings to keep working here, but he maintains he’s doing me the favor when he’s screaming at me and calling me names. I’m having difficulty moving to another job because I don’t have an automobile and can’t save hardly any money at all because I need every cent to exist. What must I do? Can I do anything?