WHICH Helps Shareholders How?

Obsidian Energy Ltd. I really do not own this stock of Obsidian Energy Ltd (TSX-OBE, NYSE-OBE). I bought this stock as Maximum Energy Trust (MXT.UN) in 1998. November 2001 In, there is a stock exchange and stock became Ultimate Energy Fund. In June 2004 finance transformed from Ultimate Energy Income Trust to Petrofund Energy. Petrofund Energy merged with Penn West in July 2006 and I got .6 of a share for each share I put. I sold this stock of Penn West this year 2010 as it was changing to a company, but they are also getting back to exploration, than just selling oil from their wells rather.

09 per share per month. This company transformed its name and icons from Penn West Petroleum Ltd. There’s a News Release on Vision. What I noticed is that there is plenty of insider buying. Insider Buy at a share of the marketplace cap is at 0.25%. This is high.

They have cut their dividends more regularly than they have raised then. In 2016, dividends were suspended. They have been paying off the debt and offering off parts of the company. THE FUTURE Debt/Market Cap Ratio in 2015 was 3.30 and in 2016 was 0.39. The existing you are 0.51 but debt is down but so is the Market Cap. The Liquidity Ratio at 0.99 in 2016 is a good improvement as the 5-yr median is 0.61. The existing one is better at 1.06. I favor this to be 1.50, but it is certainly going in the right path. When this proportion is below 1.00, it means that current assets cannot cover current liabilities.

Almost all I see on my spreadsheet is red. I color code my development ideals and red is negative development. Which means that Revenue, Earnings, Share Price, CASHFLOW, and Net Income all have negative growth, or values that are declining. It is not easy to do any Price/Earnings per Share stock price assessment as this stock has way too many EPS losses recently.

However, if you disregard the last 5 years, I get historical low, median, and high median P/E Ratios of 10.49, 11.36 and 14.03. Unfortunately, the EPS estimation for 2017 and 2018 are negative. So that knocks out this stock price testing. 1.50. This stock price assessment shows that the stock price is realistic and below the median. Year Price/Book Value per Talk about Proportion is 0 The 10.82. The current P/B Ratio is 0.33 a value some 60% lower.

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4.52. Note that book value has been falling since 2012 and has its first upsurge in the first quarter of 2017. This stock price tests show that the stock price is relatively cheap. 3.02. Revenue has been dropping since 2012 and is approximated to fall another 28% in 2017. This stock price shows that the stock price is reasonable but above the median relatively.

When I look at analysts’ recommendations, I find Buy, Hold, and Underperform Recommendations. Almost all the recommendations are a Hold and the consensus is a Hold. 2.19. This implies a total return of 46% all from capital gains. Mikael Kjellstrom via the Calgary Herald on Financial Post discussions about how Penn West is changing its name and is downsizing in a bet to show the web page on its troubled past.

Geoffrey Morgan talks about the finding of accounting errors in previous years’ financial stations on Financial Post. Kelly Cryderman on the world and Mail talks about US charging the business with Fraud three years after the company found and repair the problem. Which helps shareholders how? 2.00. See what experts are saying about this ongoing company on Stock Run after.