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So you’d a show last Friday where only four guests arrived. Funny, on Thursday night only experienced five because the show. 400 in sales. You pointed out to the hosts that 8-12 people would be ideal. Not every show shall have great attendance. So don’t fret if a percentage of your shows are small.

But you can improve your results with some disciplined hostess coaching. Don’t do it like this guy! Hostess coaching is the most important thing to your PartyLite business probably. Understand how to take action well. Training is an art that you should work on. You want to know how I believe about hostess coaching? I consider it like calling a pal to see if she needs any help planning for a party I’m attending.

Do you wish to know exactly what it is? It’s calling a pal to find out if she needs any help planning for a celebration I’m attending. It really is that simple. Show her your diary and choose a romantic date. If she isn’t sure, select a tentative date, and use a pencil. Within your diary, write down her address, phone number, and the beginning time for the ongoing party.

50 Bonus Hostess Voucher. In case the time changes, the month for the party to make the expiration day the finish of. If you have it with you (at a show), give her a hostess pack with the invitations, the hostess envelope, and the Discover PartyLite brochure. If she agrees, let other folks at the party know that she’s booked a show. Suggest that the day is put by them into their diaries. Send an email in the mail (or a hostess pack if you didn’t already give her one) to thank her for the booking and also to confirm the date and time. I include a letter with some hints and tricks for a successful show.

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Two days later, call the host to ensure the pack was received by her. Ask her if she has five minutes to talk. Review the material of the pack with her. I included a hostess envelope so you can make a long list of people to invite. There are a few great tips and hints on the envelope, so have a look at it and utilize it to keep all of your show-related paperwork.

I claim that you give or post the reminder cards to the people who acknowledge your invitation via text, email, or (best) phone call. I also suggest that you have 10 cards in your purse to give to people who you observe as the show time approaches. A personal invitation with a handwritten reminder cards will give you great results. I included three order forms for individuals who cannot make it but who want to order.